oUr mission
is to facilitate the economic vitality of communities by the implementation of strategic business systems designed to educate, reduce debt, increase profits.

01. Strategic

Through its Strategic Alliances FICA, Inc. has created a global footprint in over 190 countries and provides services to businesses small and large on every continent.

02. Professional

FICA, Inc. executives represent over 250 years of  business experience. This business acumen is reflected in our core of services and beliefs and are always present.

03. Loyal

FICA, Inc. is 100 percent committed to creating an outstanding and mutually beneficial long lasting  relationship with our clients. We are committed to serving your needs for years to come.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

The Mission of Financial Institutional Change Agency, Inc. is to facilitate the economic vitality of communities by the implementation of strategic business systems designed to educate, reduce debt, increase profits, accelerate wealth accumulation, and stabilize employees’ lives through broad benefits, retention incentives, asset protection and retirement strategies.

Whether you are a small business or big business, servicing your customer base and making a profit are primary objectives for doing business. Financial Institutional Change Agency, Inc. (F.I.C.A., Inc.), along with our global partners, has the experience, connections, and supplier network to lower your costs on virtually any product or service your company is currently buying!

Our global team of tenured, cost-reduction experts and partners create innovative cost reduction strategies, services, and tactics to strengthen corporate financial performance while increasing your profitability. This can be accomplished without an increase in sales and without layoffs. Over the years, we have been able to reduce our clients’ spending on an average of 30%. We provide a written guarantee of our performance! There is no out-of-pocket cost to your company because we participate only in the savings.

F.I.C.A., Inc. will provide additional cost reduction and savings to your company and employees by implementing a comprehensive Wellness Program and Supplemental Benefits without any additional out-of-pocket expenses. Your company will greatly benefit by reducing your FICA annual payroll taxes by $500 to $700 per employee .Your employees will recognize an average of $150 per month in savings to be used in purchasing additional insurance benefits. We look forward to meeting with you and identifying these savings that will significantly improve your bottom line…

FICA Consultants

A Team Of Professionals


What We Do Best

Employee Benefits

Providing additional valuable Benefits at no additional costs.

Cost Reduction

Reducing Procurement Costs by an average of 28% for clients.

Creative Funding

Providing associations creative funding solutions for members.

Wellness Solutions

Our solutions reduce healthcare costs to the company and employees.


Speak directly with US board-certified physicians in minutes, 24/7.

Business Solutions

Providing assistance in all aspects of your business development.

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