Chief Compliance Officer

Dr. Robert N. Bedford

Certified Tax Advisor who began his career as a professional tax preparer and manager for H & R Block and served as State President Block National Association of Tax Professionals.

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Through its Strategic Alliances FICA, Inc. has created a global footprint in over 190 countries and provides services to businesses small and large on every continent.

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FICA, Inc. executives represent over 250 years of  business experience. This business acumen is reflected in our core of services and beliefs and are always present.

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FICA, Inc. is 100 percent committed to creating an outstanding and mutually beneficial long lasting  relationship with our clients. We are committed to serving your needs for years to come.

Dr. Bedford’s career has honed and displayed his focus on detail and excellence in some of the most regulated and mandatory compliance sectors in the nation: taxes, insurance and securities, and healthcare. Dr. Bedford is a Certified Tax Advisor who began his substantial career as a Professional Tax Preparer and Office Manager for H & R Block. He has served as President of PERCorp, a tax preparation company; currently is President of Pentastar Financial, Inc. a Tax Resolution and Consulting company. Currently and for nearly 40 years he has served as a Tax Instructor for H & R Block, The National Association of Tax Practitioners, The Ministers Tax Institute, and others. He is enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service having passed the US Tax Court Bar exam, and been admitted to practice before The United States Tax Court.

Dr. Bedford’s Associations and Affiliations include The National Association of Tax Professionals, for which he served as the State President, North Carolina, on National Committees, and on The National Board of Directors. He is a member of The National Society of Tax Professionals, The National Association of Enrolled Agents, The National Society of Accounts, The Oxford, The Offshore Institute, The North American Society of Tax Advisors and The National Accountants Society and is an officer and board member of The African /American Business Foundation, Inc. Dr. Bedford has held positions as Vice President of United Security Life Insurance Co, Indiana; Vice President & CFO of Thomas Enterprises, Pennsylvania; Licenses in Life & Health Insurance; Registered Representative, Series 7, (with various affiliations such as Conseco Companies, Metropolitan Life, H. D. Vest, Alliance Capital;) Registered Principal, Series 24; Registered Associate in Commodities; President of Global Security Life Assurance, Cayman; and President of Concordia Financial Services, Inc. North Carolina.

Dr. Bedford Owned and operated 2 Nursing Homes. He served as Vice President and CFO of H E Stanley Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Florida; For Gerry Homes, Inc. he functioned as Developer and Operator of Retirement & Nursing Homes. Dr. Bedford has a lifetime of giving of his time, expertise, consultative services and resources to improve the community and the lives of people around him. He has served as Youth Minister and Pastor to several congregations. He has held Regional national and international positions with major international denominations while serving as an officer of their Boards of Directors. As President and Co-founder of the Global School of Theology, Dr. Bedford has presented Seminars and Instruction in the United States, Central America and Africa. Dr. Bedford was the Vice President & Member of the Board of Regents for Indiana Christian University, and served on the Board of Regents of the Indiana Christian University Free Methodist Foundation, Inc. With the King Trust Charitable Gift Fund, he served as Vice President & Member of the Board of Regents.His published works reflect his diverse and multi-faceted talent and expertise. Dr. Bedford is the composer of over 50 Gospel Songs, including “God’s Plan” and “Come Praise the Lord” recorded by Don Quales Family. His Tax Journal Articles include “Understanding Revocable Living Trusts” and “Tax Court Procedures”. Dr. Bedford has published the following books: The Divine Interlude: Mercy, December 2002 Refined Through Suffering, 365 Daily Devotional Book, December 2011; What’s In a Name? The Meanings of Biblical Names, June 2012; Elephant, Mules, and Rabbits: A Theology of Reproduction, 2016; and On Special Assignment, 2016.