Wiley Day, Sr.


CEO with a specialized skill set entailing Marketing Management, Product Development, Strategic Management Planning, Government Contracting and more.

01. Strategic

Through its Strategic Alliances FICA, Inc. has created a global footprint in over 190 countries and provides services to businesses small and large on every continent.

02. Professional

FICA, Inc. executives represent over 250 years of  business experience. This business acumen is reflected in our core of services and beliefs and are always present.

03. Loyal

FICA, Inc. is 100 percent committed to creating an outstanding and mutually beneficial long lasting  relationship with our clients. We are committed to serving your needs for years to come.

Over a 44-year career, Mr. Day has developed a specialized skill set entailing Marketing Management, Product Development, Strategic Management Planning, Program/Project Management, Government Contracting, Contract Management, and the development and implementation of long-range Master Plans and Marketing Strategies utilizing sophisticated market analysis techniques and feasibility studies based on market trending and forecasting. He has dynamic Sales and Marketing experience in diversified industries in both the public and private sectors; including Manufacturing, Distribution, Wholesale, Retail, Construction, Government, Education, Media and Finance.

Mr. Day served as Production Control System Analyst for a major American global information technology company that provides a portfolio of IT services, software, and technology. His management of Bill of Material Processing, Material Requirement Planning, Work Center and Routing, Job Costing and Scheduling, and Work in Process included the design and implementation of a computerized “Order Entry” System to monitor Customer orders while tracking inventory availability that eventually lead to the implementation of a “Just – In -Time” (JIT) manufacturing process that significantly reduced inventory levels resulting in significant reductions in material cost and handling while maintaining timely delivery and a quality operation.

As a Government Contact Specialist and Negotiator for the Federal Government and as a Contractor to the Government, Mr. Day increased his specialized skills and knowledge of contract methodologies; serving as the contract administrator for projects in excess of $200 million.

Mr. Day’s current focus is primarily set on implementing methodologies and developing strategic alliances with global business partners to create effective, business models for corporations in all industry sectors that generate significant savings in various categories: payroll, FICA tax reduction to implement Wellness Programs, Telemedicine, Supplemental Insurance Benefits, Cost Segregation, Procurement Cost Reduction and generating new revenue streams. Mr. Day holds Insurance Licenses in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee. He earned an MBA with a concentration in Project Management.